The Eager Weaver

(Follow the Flock)

At The Eager Weaver we want to redefine the what humans think about sheep. You probably think that we all think the same follow the leader and get scared of dogs and welshmen whistling.

We are actually the most creative creatures to march off the ark, we can make all sorts of things you humans love especially carpets. We set up our countryside collective some years ago and now we have the finest sheep in Great Britain working together to create the finest carpets for you and your home.

We only work with our own fabulous British wool and consult with sensible humans on the nicest colours to select for our ranges. 

We would love to work with you humans direct but we are a little unconventional and thats why we have a team of specially vetted humans who know all about carpet to provide you with our own personal service wherever you may live in this green and pleasant land!